Felicity Eklund

Age: 20

Race: Human

Our protagonist.

The sheltered daughter of the grand sorcerer, Uriel; she yearns to travel the world as a sorcerer someday like her father. Kind to a fault and utterly clueless about the world, it is a wonder how she survived without Matthias.


Matityahoranu "Matthias" Phlegethon

Age: "18" (92 in Human years)

Race: Phoenix

Felicity's ever-vigilant protector and only companion. A temperamental fire elf who has sworn himself to protect Felicity with his life. He has lived with Felicity for the past eight years.

He wishes to prove himself to the world as a swordsman rather than rely exclusively on his fire magic. Raised in nobility, he speaks with absolute propriety, even when throwing a tantrum.

Because his given name is difficult for humans, Felicity nicknamed him "Matthias."


Ragnar Thorne

Age: 25

Race: Half-Giant

A cheerful, flamboyant young man who has a reputation throughout much of Spire-Ladeth--and not a very good one. Though he wears a friendly smile with most, he bears a deep-seated hatred for the Ladean knighthood.

Like anyone else with Giant heritage, he is incapable of using elemental magic.


Lilian Delacroix

Age: 28

Race: Human

A stoic knight who values the law and justice above all else. Rumor has it that her lack of emotions stems from a combination of her strict upbringing and the magic sickness brought on by her use of light magic.

Though capable with a sword, she prefers hand-to-hand combat and wears weighted gloves. She often integrates lightning into her fighting.

Uriel Eklund

Felicity's father; a powerful sorcerer who frequently travels, leaving Felicity in Matthias's care more often than not.

Samuel Dupont

A commanding knight who is frequently seen with his lieutenant, Lilian. He hails from one of the most powerful families in Spire-Ladeth.

Klytaemnestra Haithu-Syn

An Aurai in the direct service of the goddess of death, Haithu. She and Uriel know each other very well.

Lothair Lefrancois

An enigmatic sorcerer Felicity first meets in her hometown. He claims to live and study in Ladeth.
Little does Felicity know that their fates are somehow interconnected.


The most common name of the primordial light deity. Prefers presenting herself with a feminine form.


The most common name of the primordial shadow deity. They deliberately present as male to "complement" Tsan's femininity.